Why mothers are taking the fight for climate action to Lloyd’s of London

May 26, 2022
Guest post by Exfamer Maya Mailer In torrential rain, I clutched my 3 year-old daughter’s little hand. I was outside Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s biggest insurers of fossil fuels, with a group of parents, toddlers and a giant paper mache oil drum filled with dying flowers. It was almost Father’s Day 2021. We chanted and sang, and

Get Ready! A fitness dance class inspired by the science of climate impacts

March 15, 2022
Guest post by Pablo Suarez, who seems to be willing to try almost anything to get the climate crisis message across. And who can blame him? What? A fitness dance video about an IPCC report, in a humanitarian website? Here’s the story: A recent report, entitled Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability , offers  rigorous and extremely  concerning scientific

Humanitarian insights from the latest IPCC report – via cartoons and cardboard theater

March 8, 2022
Guest post by the always-original Pablo Suarez The science of climate change impacts can be painfully confusing, and at times infuriatingly complex to communicate, especially for those of us who need to act and help based on what is known. Last week the IPCC released “Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability”, a full report with over 3,000 pages of

A climate plea: An IPCC Special Report on Children?

March 3, 2022
More reaction to this week’s IPCC report, horribly overshadowed by events in Ukraine Whether you have one or not, impacts on children often invoke the strongest feelings in times of crisis, be it the recent flood victims of Madagascar or the civilian casualties of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But another thing we know about children is that they can

What has global military spending and emissions got to do with development? Rather a lot.

March 2, 2022
A timely guest post from Deborah Burton Stumbling Upon A Rather Well-Funded Gas-Guzzling Elephant in The Room As a former trade and tax campaigner (Christian Aid), I was fascinated by the progression of development sector campaigns – from debt to trade, from trade to tax. I now see something similar in the climate/military relationship because conveniently, deliberately, hidden away inside

Making Change: What Works? Lessons from four successful movements

November 23, 2021
Making Change: What Works? is a smart new report from IPPR and the Runnymede Trust, drawing lessons from some of the most effective campaigns of recent years. Although it is UK focussed, there’s lots to chew on for activists everywhere. Here’s the exec sum, which mercifully, didn’t even need an edit. Movements change the world. Throughout history, loosely organised networks
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The climate movement we need right now

November 18, 2021
Alex Evans is one of the most thoughtful campaigners in the UK (see this FP2P review of his book, The Myth Gap). Here he is reflecting on the aftermath of the Glasgow climate summit on his Larger Us blog (I’ve made a few cuts to the original to get it a bit closer to blog length). With Glasgow done and
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Four glimmers of hope for tackling the climate crisis

October 14, 2021
Guest post by Melanie Kramers, strategic advisor to the CEO, Oxfam GB I don’t know about you, but my eco anxiety has been soaring to record highs with each report of our impending doom in the run-up to the Glasgow Cop26 climate summit. But I found some glimmers of hope in a recent Oxfam-convened discussion that squarely focused on solutions. First
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ICYMI: Some summer highlights on FP2P

September 16, 2021
It has come to my attention that in some parts of the northern hemisphere, people were away during chunks of late July/August on some retro exercise apparently known as ‘holidays’. Mary Sue Smiaroski suggested I help with their re-entry by linking to some of the best FP2P posts they may have missed while away. No probs – always happy to
Featured image for “7 Cartoons that could just help the IPCC Save the Planet”

7 Cartoons that could just help the IPCC Save the Planet

August 10, 2021
More than 200 scientists from 66 countries have worked together to assess knowledge on just the physical science basis of climate change. Their answers were released yesterday in the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group I. The IPCC’s findings are clear, rigorous, and very concerning, but they are couched in formal, technical
Featured image for “What’s blocking progress in fixing the Global Water Crisis?”

What’s blocking progress in fixing the Global Water Crisis?

July 27, 2021
I took part in a fun podcast recently on ‘water for development’. I was in the company of some people who actually know about the subject (Michael Wilson, Rosie Wheen, Melita Grant and Rachel Mason Nunn). I was playing my favourite role in this final wrap-up conversation of a series of discussions, that of informed ignoramus burbling on about how
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A historic legal victory for climate justice in France

March 11, 2021
Legal activism can be slow and expensive, but boy can it be effective, especially when combined with mass campaigning. Kudos (chapeau?) to four French NGOs for winning this court ruling that could force their government to get serious on the climate crisis. This post by Armelle le Comte first appeared on Oxfam’s Views and Voices blog On February 3rd 2021 in