Case Studies of sophisticated humanitarian influencing, based on a comprehensive context and power analysis – do they exist? If so, where are they?!

October 29, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

I’m doing some work for the UN, putting together a training package on ‘humanitarian influencing’. As you might expect, I’m advocating the use of PEA/context analysis, power analysis etc – see attached slides for my basic narrative.

But when it comes to case studies, I am flummoxed. There are lots of examples in other bits of the aid jungle, especially governance/institutional reform (all those FP2P posts on ‘adaptive management’) and also of the UN and others not doing it properly on humanitarian issues, and regretting it. But where are the examples of it actually being tried in practice?

Here’s the ask: I’m looking for good case studies of examples where the UN, INGOs or other international humanitarians have come up with an influencing strategy by

  1. Doing a proper analysis of the context, history, and the different facets of power involved (slides 6-20 of the attached file – see below )
  2. Demonstrably based their choice of strategy on that analysis
  3. And preferably, had positive impact!

That could cover everything from Big P Politics – stopping military action; ending a blockade; getting the global community to take an issue more seriously – to fund-raising, building local coalitions for change or simply getting access to affected populations.

What you got?

October 29, 2021
Duncan Green