Are From Poverty to Power posts now reaching your email inbox? If so please tell me.

September 7, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

OK, the IT elves think they have sorted out the glitch that has meant lots of people have not been getting email IT elfnotifications of new posts. But they want to test it. So please could you let me know on the poll over there to the right (or above) whether you have

a) been getting email notifications all along

b) have not received them (probably since late June) but have got this one

c) are still not receiving them (and yes, I realize this is a tricky category!)

When I find out a) if it’s fixed and b) roughly how many people have not been receiving the emails, I can decide how many catch-up posts of most read blogs since June to inflict on you



Update: OK, the IT elves may have been a little over-optimistic, they’re having another go


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September 7, 2015
Duncan Green