9 Great lectures/panels for you to catch up on over Christmas (or any other time) – see you next year

December 16, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

We’ve had a cracking series of lectures and discussions on our Friday afternoon LSE ‘Cutting Edge Issues in Development Thinking and Practice’ series, so I thought I’d post some links to the youtube videos and podcasts for those who are looking for some escape from the family Christmas (or otherwise just need some good brainfood).

Grouping a bit by subject matter, we had


Ha Joon Chang on ‘The Political Economy of Parasite (the movie)’ – clear winner (by a factor of 4) on the youtube popularity contest. Discussant: Francisco Ferreira. Podcast here.

Gabriel Palma on Why the Rich Stay Rich (no matter what). Discussant: Branko Milanovic. Podcast here.


Clare Short on What’s wrong with Aid? Discussant: James Putzel. Podcast here.

Mushtaq Khan on Making Anti-Corruption Effective: A New Approach. Discussant: Uche Igwe. Podcast here.


Jayati Ghosh on Access to vaccines and the limiting role of intellectual property rights and pharma monopolies. Discussant: Kevin Watkins. Podcast here.

Civil Society

Ingrid Srinath on COVID-19, Corporatisation and Closing Space: The Triple Threat to Civil Society in India. Discussant: David Lewis. Podcast here.

Terhas Clark and Mosharraf Hossain on Disability, Development, Rights and Inclusion. Podcast here.


Antonio Giustozzi, Deniz Kandiyotti, Graeme Smith, Pashtana Durrani and Orzala Nemat on “The Implosion of the Afghan State: What next for women and the nation?” Podcast here.


Agnes Kalibata on Paradigm shifts in food systems. Discussant Ian Scoones. Podcast here.

Next term kicks off on 21st January with Tasneep Eyop and Tim Gore discussing the outcomes of the Glasgow climate summit. More great speakers in the poster below. Hope to see you there! And with that, I’m signing off on the blog til 2022. Have a good one.