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Beyond political will – how leadership makes a difference on water and sanitation

April 14, 2021
Guest post by water policy consultant Henry Northover (twitter: @Henrynorthover) I’ve sat through too many presentations in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector that end with the neat conclusion: “all that’s needed is greater political will”.  Thank you and goodnight!  And this comes from a sector that’s pretty well-served by high level statements of political commitment.  The AU has

Lest we forget: Why investments in hygiene, sanitation and water are key to fighting COVID-19

September 28, 2020
Guest post by Muyatwa Sitali, Head of Country Engagement, Sanitation and Water for All COVID-19 has taught us that a world where nearly half of its population do not have what they need to properly wash their hands at critical times is not a safe world. We are delicately and dangerously connected. A disease which started in one city has

What does ‘going to scale’ mean in poor communities in South Africa?

August 1, 2018
Albert van Zyl of the International Budget Partnership considers how progress goes to scale in IBP’s work in South Africa Among development’s chattering classes, scale is a hot topic – what’s the point of supporting small pockets of progress, unless we can scale them up to the country/population at large? In the shanty towns of South Africa, we’ve seen our

A morning with Ena Conteh in Freetown, Sierra Leone: guest post by Penny Lawrence

July 21, 2011