Impressions of North America’s aid and development scene: the good, the bad and the ugly

May 13, 2013
Just got back from a two week immersion in the US & Canada aid and development scene (well, the East Coast version, anyway). Boston, New York,Washington and Ottawa, talking at universities, NGOs, multilaterals and aid agencies and experiencing a wonk version of groundhog day + powerpoint, brought on by giving the same presentation 16 times (I’m getting pretty good at

Emerging v Developed Countries: high speed history

August 10, 2011

The Obama Doctrine – where is the US going on development and diplomacy?

January 25, 2011

The US gets serious on the Millennium Development Goals

August 2, 2010
Climate change legislation may have been blown out of the water in Congress, but Barack Obama is still moving forward on reforming the chaotic US aid system (see previous posts here). On Friday the Administration released the US plan for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, ahead of the UN’s September ‘high level event’ on the MDGs. Two paras caught my eye:

Asia rebounds and the G2 consolidates – the world’s 9 biggest companies are now either Chinese or American

August 3, 2009
Back from a blissful and disconnected few days in Italy, and now paying the price in terms of catching up with the backlog of reading and emails, so this week will mostly be signposting interesting stuff, rather than trying to write anything original. Two graphics from this week’s Economist underline the rise of the G2 (US and China). First up,

US aid reform takes off

May 21, 2009
Shortly after the US election, I blogged about the promising discussions on US aid reform in Washington. Those are now starting to bear fruit. In late April, Howard Berman, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, introduced a bill (The Initiating Foreign Assistance Reform Act of 2009–HR 2139). Here are some of his covering remarks: ‘This legislation is an important

Cuba beats USA again, this time on child welfare

December 10, 2008