What’s the problem with Globalization?

July 6, 2017
Globalization, remember that? When I first entered the development NGO scene in the late 90s it was all the rage. Lots of rage. The anti-globalization movement roared from summit to summit. Academics traded books and papers that boosted or critiqued. The World Bank used voodoo modelling to show that really we’d all be better off if we just got rid

Can Hegel (and Geoff Mulgan) chart a new progressive agenda?

May 25, 2017
Geoff Mulgan is one of the UK’s most original thinkers about the future of society. He set up the thinktank Demos, advised the early Blair government, and now runs NESTA (an ‘innovation foundation). According to Wikipedia he even trained as a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka. I recently came across his essay on a progressive response to Brexit, Trump etc

Tortoise v Hare: Is China challenging the US for global leadership? Great Economist piece

April 12, 2017
Back from Australia and I’ve been catching up on my Economist backlog. The 1st April edition exemplified the things the magazine does really well (I don’t include its naff geek-humour April 1st leader supporting a tax on efficiency). There were the customary great infographics – here’s the map showing the extent to which countries export/import air pollution through their trade

Multinational Companies in retreat? Fascinating Economist briefing

February 2, 2017
Now we’re all looking for ways to break out of filter bubble, I guess I can feel less guilty about loving The Economist. Beautifully written, it covers places and issues other papers ignore, and every so often has a big standback piece that makes you rethink. This week’s cover story, ‘the retreat of the global company’, is a fine example.

The world’s top 100 economies: 31 countries; 69 corporations

September 15, 2016
The campaigning NGO Global Justice Now (formerly World Development Movement) have done us all a favour by updating the table comparing the economic might of the largest countries and corporations. Headline finding?  ‘The number of businesses in the top 100 economic entities jumped to 69 in 2015 from 63 in the previous year’ according to the Guardian’s summary. The last

Delivering Development: Book Review of a study on 'globalization's shoreline'

January 9, 2012

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

November 1, 2011

A nostalgic debate on globalization and development

September 7, 2011

The Globalization Paradox, a great new book from Dani Rodrik

June 9, 2011

So do food price spikes cause riots or not?

September 7, 2010
I’m a big fan of Chris Blattman’s blog (as the number of ‘hat tips’ – [h/t] – on this one demonstrates), but he lost it a bit in his recent post on food riots. Here’s what he says: ‘Globalization and growth should reduce price spikes in future. More countries are producing crops. Climate shocks in Argentina are not that tied

Is China finally running out of workers?

August 3, 2010
You don’t normally expect the Economist magazine to advocate a major shift in wealth from capital to labour, but it seems to make an exception in the case of China, the subject of this week’s fascinating cover story. The topic is China’s labour market: a few years ago, I and many others thought that the entry of China into the

Has China Kicked Away the Ladder from other Poor Countries?

December 19, 2008