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How has Covid changed the picture on Aid/Development Jobs?

April 13, 2021
Guest post by Tom Kirk For the last few years, I’ve co-delivered an MA module on influencing, activism and campaigning with Duncan at the LSE. For the last lecture, we always ask students what two topics they would like us to delve into in more depth. They’ve plumped for everything from leadership and how INGOs are responding to critics, to

9 development trends and their implications for tomorrow’s aid jobs

June 18, 2018
This is an expansion of a blog first posted in February. According to the reader survey, most people reading this blog are a lot younger than me – students or entrants to the job market, with at least half an eye on how they are going to earn a living in the decades to come. I read and write a

Development Studies is fun, but is there a job at the end of it?

February 8, 2018
Studying development is fascinating, but will there be jobs for students once they graduate? I chaired a careers panel for LSE students recently, where a variety of alums, now rising up the greasy poles of the aid industry, came back to share their thoughts. One recurring theme of the evening was the kind of skills and knowledge that will be

How to get a job in development: the definitive (368 page) guide

August 17, 2016
Because I’ve been having a lot of summer conversations with graduates and others wondering how to get a job in aid and development (and I have to admit, also because I’m up against a deadline and have no time to blog), thought I’d repost this ever-popular 2015 intro to a very useful book, plus other links. How to get a