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December 13, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

Calling all geography teachers. Two maps of Mercator v geographical reality ht Sony Kapoor and Richard Spoor.

Update: According to Helen Bunting (see comments) the Russia v Africa comparison is one of those ‘killer facts’ that, ermm, isn’t. Apologies to the geography teachers.

USAID chief Samantha Power details its new localization push. Some v interesting detail and nuance in here.

But here’s what she’s up against. Don’t apply here: Why NGO hiring practices are sparking protests in South Sudan. Excellent case study in the difficulties of putting localization into practice

11 kinds of corporate campaigning (as in ‘about/on’ not ‘by’). Illuminating typology from Tom Baker

How to share vaccines between the poor & the rich. Branko Milanovic’s model concludes ‘unless we decentralize production of vaccines, the gap will remain, and no amount of surplus in rich countries will lead them (rationally) to share vaccines with the poor.’

Scholarships klaxon:

Would you like to take your fight against inequality to the next level? Applications are now open for the 2022-23 Atlantic Fellows for Social & Economic Equity programme, a funded Fellowship for policymakers, activists, and practitioners at LSE. Deadline 10th January.  

Or at IDS, ‘We are delighted to offer three scholarships, in conjunction with the Commonwealth Secretariat, to study at IDS. More info here. Deadline: 20 December.

Who does the UK public trust? Some striking shifts over time, especially positive shifts on civil servants and trade union officials. Shame the comparison dates are all over the place though

Vaccine nationalism explained, the tiktok version

December 13, 2021
Duncan Green


  1. NGO localisation challenges in South Sudan is, I think, wrongly titled. These are the challenges of working in complex environments and not the product of localisation. Even organisations not believing in localisation would face the same challenges in this environment. The challenge is: can the organisations working in this environment adapt to the pressures being generated and still be able to deliver a reasonable programme?

  2. I thought the geography tweet on the right seemed off, so I checked it out. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Russia has a maximum east-west extent of 9,000km. The same figure for the African continent is 7,400km. I do take the point that the Mercator projection is generally pretty misleading.

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