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December 5, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Despite being on the road in US flogging books, a couple of things caught my bleary jet-lagged eye.

Delighted that How Change Happens makes it to the top of ‘Thoughtful Campaigner’s’ Xmas book recommendations for development wonks. Whole list is worth a look.

Lots of stuff on aid

Characteristically contrarian MSF critique of the localization agenda in humanitarian response. Does ‘Political correctness’ gloss over the political minefields?

The UK aid watchdog says its private sector arm, CDC, is not showing evidence of impact, yet DFID has just quadrupled its budget ceiling. Is this ideology trumping a commitment to results?

Podcast highlights of a recent Radio 4 panel discussion on the future of the UK aid with Owen Barder, Kirsty MacNeill, Andrew Mitchell and some other bloke

And Fidel died. This 6 minute obit from Channel 4 news seemed fairer than most. Plus a superb Branko Milanovic reflection on Castro’s death and the ending of a century of ‘the first global secular religion’ – Communism

This brilliant infographic on cash transfer myths from UNICEF repays close study


December 5, 2016
Duncan Green