Got any technical problems, glitches etc with this blog? If so, speak now

May 25, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Dear FP2P readers, I gather you’ve had a few problems with stuff like sending comments, but now I have a keen new webmeister ready and eager to sort out glitches and improve the blog. To help him out, could you hate the computer sometimesplease feed back via the comments page (if you can), or twitter/email (dgreen[at] on:

a) stuff that doesn’t work, eg posting comments, seeing the post clearly on your screen (please tell us which device you are using and send us a screengrab) or any other bugbears. Particularly interested in how you find reading it on mobiles and tablets, as that’s where everyone (except me) is heading.

b) things you would like to do but can’t

c) anything else you think would improve the blog

We’re not asking re content for the moment (that’s my responsibility, not the webmaster’s) – will do a survey on that later in the year. So just the techie stuff please



May 25, 2015
Duncan Green


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